Bullet Journal – Freaky


Whether you need to manage your time better or just want to relax, the BOO Bullet Journal can definitely help you with that. BOO Bullet Journal was created as a higher level diary / organizer because it not only serves to write boring commitments, but you manage your time in a creative and fun way. BOO Bullet Journal does not limit you in any way, everything is left to you.

It contains only dots on its pages, there is no template that will stop you from following certain forms. With the BOO Bullet Journal you can record your daily activities, keep a monthly or weekly calendar, write various notes, monitor physiological and mental health, write down your short-term and long-term goals or just draw. Don’t forget that your imagination plays a big role in what the filled pages of your boollet will look like.

The BOO Bullet Journal does not limit you when you will start filling it out, in what part of the year, because you do not depend on any patterns, templates or the beginning of the year. Go now!



The BOO Bullet Journal measures 24.5 x 16.5 cm which gives you plenty of room to map your imagination to paper.

The cover is made of hight point cardboard 295 g / m2 thick, protected with matt plastic coating to withstand frequent use and keep your happiness well. On the cover itself, there is a convex texture that gives a special effect that you will definitely feel under your fingers.

Paper on which you will copy your thoughts and write your imagination, and other things, 100 g / m2 thick is “thick” enough not to be easily damaged, and contains only dots that will help you create your boollet. It contains as many as 192 pages, so you don’t have to worry about running out of scribble paper.

A great addition is a pocket located on the inside, back of the cover, which allows you to store some of your reminders, cards, tickets, various papers and the like.